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If you would like to contribute to our project, please contact us via our email address mentat-info@cesnet.cz. Documentation for developers is available here.

Contributing code

Currently you have following options to contribute to our project:

  • casual contributor
  • verified contributor
    • you will be granted write access to our git repository
    • you will be granted write access to our ticket tracking system
    • please honor policies defined in our documentation, mainly the following:
      • use your own branch for development dev_xxx, where xxx is your username/nickname, or for big features use separate branch feature_xxx
      • never ever merge to devel, release nor master branches, unless you were explicitly permitted to do so

In both cases please use our ticket tracking system to manage work on your contribution.

Reporting bugs

  1. Report any discovered bugs either to our email address mentat-info@cesnet.cz.
  2. Or create bug reports in our ticket tracking system
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